Sep 22, 2014

Employee Flu Shots

Vaccines will be provided by the Texas Vaccine Institute to CFISD employees at locations throughout the district. View the online list to see when the vaccines will be available at your location. Appointments will not be necessary. There will be no out-of-pocket cost for the influenza vaccine for employees with the following insurance plans:
  • Aetna TRS; 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO; 
  • United Health Care; or 
  • Medicare (as primary insurance). 

Insurance cards/information will be required from employees claiming one of the above insurance plans. 

Employee family members, 9 years old and up, are also eligible to receive the vaccination. CFISD students are only eligible if they are the child of an employee and accompanied by the parent. 

Without insurance, or with an insurance not listed above, the cost will be $25 for the influenza vaccine and $30 for the influenza nasal mist. Employees can self-pay with cash, check, Mastercard or Visa. Receipts will be provided for these employees to claim the expense with their insurance provider. 

The following vaccines will be available according to your insurance plan:
  • Tdap;
  • Hepatitis A and B;
  • Meningococcal Meningitis; and
  • Shingles.

Questions about what your insurance will cover should be directed to your insurance provider.

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