Sep 9, 2014

SchoolMessenger Launch

CFISD is pleased to announce the launch of SchoolMessenger, the district's new notification system, to keep CFISD families informed about:
• district and campus activities;
 food service; and, most importantly, 
 accurate, real-time information during an emergency situation.

This system is designed to send phone calls, emails and text messages, allowing users to select how they prefer to be contacted. Users will be able to update contact information to ensure that the most current information is on file. The system also works like a mailbox, giving users a place to review messages they may have missed.

With the upcoming Sept. 15 launch of SchoolMessenger, the CFISD Customer Care Center will provide support at 281-955-4030. This phone number is specifically for members of the community seeking assistance with SchoolMessenger. The Care Center will have extended hours, coinciding with the launch, from Sept. 15-26, taking calls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Starting Sept. 28, the Care Center will resume normal operating hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

CFISD staff members who have students in the district are encouraged to sign up for SchoolMessenger. General communications to district employees will continue to be handled as normal. To ensure all pertinent communications are received, district employees are encouraged to update their contact information through the Employee Access Center on

A letter will be distributed to CFISD families on Sept. 10 explaining SchoolMessenger and the process for signing up. Each letter will contain the individual login information for each student. A sample of this letter can be viewed online

CFISD staff members responsible for sending messages through SchoolMessenger should refer to for useful information. If you have a district specific question or need to be activated in the system, please contact Nicole Ray at For questions regarding sending and recording messages, please contact SchoolMessenger at or 1-800-920-3897.

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