Oct 13, 2014

General Leadership Training

Emery ES assistant principal Catharine Null and behavior interventionist Ruben Perez read a handout at the first GLT session of the year.
Several CFISD employees recently took part in the first session of General Leadership Training (GLT), a series of sessions provided to campus principals and district leaders in the curriculum and instruction department. The sessions run through the school year. 

Participants choose between two learning paths, during the first session, that will decide the direction of their training sessions for the rest of the year. These paths are developed with a focus on current needs in the district by the GLT Advisory Committee, which consists of CFISD principals and curriculum staff. This year, participants chose between the following:
  • Developing and Implementing Strategies and Conditions for Enhanced Teaching and Learning; or
  • Leading Learning in 21st Century Schools. 

Dr. Lawrence Kohn of the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) gives a presentation at the first GLT session of the year.

CFISD principals and curriculum and instruction department leaders listen to a presentation from Dr. Leo Linbeck, Rice University REEP.

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