Oct 13, 2014

SchoolMessenger for Employees

CFISD’s mass notification system, SchoolMessenger, provides an easy way for campus and district administration to send accurate, real-time notifications by phone, text and email. SchoolMessenger replaces the Phone Master system as an improved means of communicating.

SchoolMessenger pulls contact information directly from the Employee Access Center (EAC), so it is very important for all employees to log into the EAC from inside.cfisd.net and update their contact information. Having the correct contact information is especially vital in an emergency situation. Adding your cell phone number to the personal cell phone field will allow you to receive text messages from your campus and the district. To opt-in for critical communications, employees will first need to:

  1. update their contact information at inside.cfisd.net (or my.cfisd.net from home); then
  2. text Yes to 675-87 to opt-in to receive text messages. This option is for employees only, not parents.

CFISD staff members responsible for sending messages through SchoolMessenger should refer to inside.cfisd.net for useful information. For questions regarding sending and recording messages, contact SchoolMessenger at support@schoolmessenger.com or 1-800-920-3897.

Edit 10/15/14: SchoolMessenger syncs with Employee Access Center each night. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours, after you update your contact information, before your correct information is in the SchoolMessenger system. If you receive an error message from SchoolMessenger after updating your information, wait 24 hours and try again. 

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