Apr 15, 2016

Dr. Eric Thomas motivates Cy Springs track and field students

Dr. Eric Thomas in action addressing track and field students on confidence, focus and effort.

Dr. Eric Thomas, one of the top motivational speakers in the nation, spoke to Cypress Springs HS teen leadership and girls’ track and field students in the auditorium March 3.

Thomas gave the students three main points to focus on:

1. Raise your expectations;
2. Stop giving up; and
3. Give 120 percent at all times.

“His most powerful point was a description of a study that was done on Navy SEALs that proved that when your mind tells you that your body can’t go any more, when your mind tells you that you have nothing left, you actually have the physical ability to go 40 percent further,” said Ruqayya Gibson, Cypress Springs track coach. “Ever since hearing that point, the girls keep reminding each other ‘Give me your last 40!’”

Dr. Thomas’s message applied to all aspects of being a student athlete by giving 100 percent in the classroom and in their sport.

Cypress Springs students wrote the following comments in letters to Dr. Thomas:

"No more excuses. I won’t keep blaming my past for why I am not successful. I realize it’s not what I did in my past but what I’m willing to do now to make my situation better...”

“Later that day after you left I had a track meet and I just kept repeating to myself 40%, 40%!”

“Your words have truly touched me—teaching me that I must set my standards high and that I can be the greatest if I keep going when I think I’ve given 100%...I must give my 140%!”

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