Oct 10, 2016

In Memory of Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson (Oct. 27, 1924 - Oct. 6, 2016) was the inaugural director and principal at the Dorothy Carlton Center. She retired in 1987.
Katie Thompson, inaugural director and principal of Carlton Center, passed away Oct. 6. 

Thompson held a variety of jobs in Houston and Birmingham, Alabama while raising her family. At the age of 40 she decided to pursue a degree in education from the University of Houston. In 1970 she received a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. Her first teaching job was at Lane Center in the Aldine ISD. In 1973 she moved to CFISD where she taught for two years at Arnold MS. Thompson was awarded Teacher of the Year in 1975 while at Arnold MS.

When the Dorothy Carlton Center was refurbished she moved there to act as director for five years. She was later promoted to principal of Carlton Center where she served for three more years until her retirement in 1987. She actively sponsored and participated in the Special Olympic citywide competitions earning State and National honors. After her retirement she worked for Tri-County MHMR in early childhood intervention. Later, she acted as a mentor teacher at Region IV Service Center supervising new teachers in Special Education.

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