Sep 6, 2016

Matzke ES staff enhance team building at Escape Now

A group of Matzke ES educators poses together after trying to escape “The Sherlock Room” at Escape Now on Aug. 18.
Staff members at Matzke ES enjoyed a fun team building activity on Aug. 18 when they worked together to escape rooms at Escape Now at 13243 Jones Road.

Matzke staff divided into grade-level teams and used logic and teamwork to escape from either “The Sherlock Room” or “Chocolate Factory” in 60 minutes or less.

Matzke ES teachers worked together to try to escape the “Chocolate Factory” themed room at Escape Now on Aug. 18.
 Matzke ES Principal Cathy Jacobs said the day provided a wonderful team building opportunity.

“As teams we used communication skills, had to problem solve and think critically to escape the room,” Jacobs said. “We had a great time working with a community partner to make this event happen. It was a very fun day!”
Escape Now employees watch Matzke ES staff attempt to solve clues to escape from both “The Sherlock Room” and “Chocolate Factory” on Aug. 18.

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