Jan 9, 2017

Customer Service Tip of the Week: Never take a complaint personally

In my career, I have received angry phone calls. I’m sure you have too. Sometimes those phone calls got my heart pumping pretty good. In my mind, I knew that someone may have been mad at someone else or the policy that was in place, but I was the lucky one hearing about it. During those times I had to remind myself to never take a complaint personally. That statement is much easier to say than it is to do.
Remember that the angry person is really a nice individual who has temporarily become out of sync with their normal behavior. They’ve probably called you before with a routine question and it’s been OK. Now you’re experiencing a blip in their behavioral radar.
When talking to them, remember there’s a nice person in there someplace, and if you keep your cool and work with them, you’ll discover that nice person once again. Never let hurt feelings take control of you. If you do, you run the risk of damaging relationships with unfound personal grudges.

Originally published on przealot.com by Brad Domitrovich

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