May 1, 2017

Get Social Media Savvy with @CyFairJoel: Show your #CFISDspirit

 By now you’ve likely seen the commercial circulating on cable television or the billboards on FM 1960 helping promote Cypress-Fairbanks ISD as a destination school district that students, staff, business partners and empty nesters want to be a part of. (If you haven’t seen the video, here’s the link to it on our Facebook page.)

The social media campaign that goes along with these advertising efforts centers around the #CFISDSpirit hashtag. Over the next several months, you will see testimonials and other coordinated efforts on social media using this tag.

While we will reach out to district “Cheerleaders” throughout the community, I know that many of our best Cheerleaders are our own staff members. You undoubtedly have many reasons why you love our school district, and my encouragement to you in the coming months is to not keep them to yourself!

When you come across a “tweetable moment” that relates to the pride you have in your school district, please be one of our cheerleaders—use the #CFISDSpirit hashtag whenever possible.

Thank you for all the positive marketing you have created by showcasing the great things happening in your classroom or department. And thank you for being a CFISD Cheerleader!

~ @CyFairJoel

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